Retro Row's Finest is MOVING!!! Under a new name...

Alder & Sage

366 Cherry Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90814.

A Special Message

Portfolio Coffeehouse has been a gathering spot for our community for over 32 years. We were the place that you could count on everyday to see people you know, have a coffee and a chat. We contributed to peoples' everyday lives, and hopefully made them a bit better and brighter.

So now we say to you, “Auf Wiedersehen” which means “we will see you soon”. And we will see you soon, sometime in Fall of 2022, we will be reopening on the corner of 4th and Cherry as Alder & Sage. And once again, we will transform, this time with a bigger kitchen, and lots of outdoor space, but still us, same staff, same happy vibe.

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